I provide psychological evaluations for children, adolescents, and adults.  Individuals often seek psychological testing in order to gain a more comprehensive psychological understanding of one’s social and emotional challenges and symptomology.  Assessments involve gathering relevant information and standardized testing that often include cognitive, social, emotional, and behavioral functioning, as well as personality profiles.  Reports and in-person feedback session are provided with all testing results, diagnoses, and specific recommendations tailored to the individual. I strive to incorporate meaningful and personalized interpretations in my evaluations.  In addition to assessing areas of weakness, I also search for areas of strength and positive attributes that can help guide one's next step of growth and development.

Areas of Need

  • Psychological diagnoses for services and treatment
  • Differential diagnoses for medication management and treatment
  • Understanding complex psychological symptomology
  • Understanding mental health concerns underlying addictive behaviors, conduct problems, academic problems
  • Cognitive functioning due to a traumatic brain injury or dementia


Intake Meeting
  • Gathering relevant information
  • Scheduling testing

  • Personality
  • Cognitive / Intelligence
  • Focus / Executive Functioning
  • Social / Emotional / Behavioral
  • Projective testing
  • Collateral interviews with mental health professionals

Feedback Meeting
  • Discussion of results and recommendations

Narrative Report
  • Testing results
  • Interpretations
  • Diagnoses
  • Specific recommendations